Hello, I’m Joshua Lee.

Hi there, I’m Joshua Lee, a near-middle-aged white guy who lives in a small town in Northwestern Ohio. You likely found me through my 10leej Youtube channel, but you’ll also find my Vlog Channel, which I don’t really advertise.

Professionally, I work in Plastic Injection Molding, and unfortunately, I know a bit too much about how to squirt molten plastic into a steel sandwich. However, I am a hobbyist Linux user, a Tabletop RPG fanatic, and a bit of an advocate.

I’m not really religious; instead, I follow a few basic tenets centering around Faith, Respect, and Pride. If you need context on that, I spoke about it in this article. It has evolved since I wrote that, but it’s still pretty straightforward on what I believe in. This philosophy that I follow has led me to different careers, friends, adventures, and overall, a fantastic set of experiences so far.

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