Unemployed Again

Joshua Lee
So last thurday I got woken up by a phone call from the temporary office I was employed with. The company I was contracted to work with elected to terminate me citing that I wasn’t following instruction from someone I never heard of. Talk about a bad time, at this point in my life for the year 2020 I’ve spent more time unemployed, than employed and honestly life’s been rough for me.

New Site

Joshua Lee
Welcome to the new! I never really liked the old page, it was kind’ve a hacked solution I copy pasted off a random free html site. Anyways this new website is just as fast to load as the old one as it’s really just plain text with an image or two on it. There’s no garage here, no ads, no trackers, no adsense, or anything. Have fun :) Anyways you’ll find the same old links above.

The Meaning of Life and Everything Is 42

Joshua Lee
This is a repost, from something I wrote last year. “There may be some offensive language in this article” ~Joshua Lee, Editor/Writer And for the love of all that could potentially be holy. Don’t forget your towel! Let me show you something…. Yes, that is my hand, radio, and safety glasses. Their all a little dirty, same with this table in the lunch room where I took this photo on my cheapo smartphone.