Upcoming Server Maintenance 1/1/2021

Upcoming Maintenance

This webserver is using a docker container to manage the site front page and reverse proxy for planarally named letsencrypt/linuxserver, They are currently still maintained with updates, but linuxserver.io has already published a new container thats intended to be used so I do need to get around to actually migrating to that one.
This maintenance does not affect planarally directly so we shouldn’t see another instance of data loss (not that that’s happenned for some time now) and there is no time frame (yet) for when I’m going to be working on it.

Support the Server

This server runs through a VPS I pay for out of my own money and is ran purely as a hobby project. That said if it keeps growing I do need to look into upgrades or just more disk space. There’s a point where this just simply wont be cheap anymore. Please click the Donate link above and keep this server free. This server currently costs me $13 a month to operate so I really don’t need much and I really don’t mind paying it. But you funding me, shows me that it worthwhile to keep this running even if you only give me $1.
If I’m ever above the $13 mark I’ll push any additional funds to the projects that make this server possible. That’s Kruptein (PlanarAlly), Linuxserver.io, letsencrypt, nginx, and Debian GNU/Linux