Currently None!

Coorperate Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. I reserve the right of opinion, this means if your product is bad. Then I will tell not only you it’s bad. But my audience as well.
  2. I only accept payments through United States Dollars, I will not accept any payments in cryptocurrncies ior in any foreign denomination. Nor will I accept payments in viewership, subscription, comments.
  3. I will only promote a giveaway that aligns with the various laws and regulations in the continental US states.
  4. If your product is a game, I will not “collaberate” with you. You’ll be considered a sponsor unless negotiated otherwise.
  5. If your product is software, it must ship a binary compatible wth GNU/Linux since that is the operating system I choose to use.
  6. All payments are considered final with no refund, nor any expectation of such.

Community Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. Librepay/Patreon (currently doesn’t exist)/Paypal are the official sources of sending me currency, I do not accept cryptocurrency, money orders, checks, credit card numbers, bank transfers.

  2. Physical Products can be sent to me via my Amazon Wish List anything received via this method is considered under the community sponsorship guidelnes.

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I do not accept any cryptocurrencies at this time

I do not take sponsors unless they agree to my freedom of speech and thought about their products, if your product sucks I will in fact to you so before hand. All donations are non-refundable.