How to Find Me

Blog: I shout at things here. In fact your already here, so why not stay?
YouTube: I primarily post videos and streams here.
PeerTube: I sync the YouTube channel to here, sometimes I might exclusive content here as well.
Mastodon: I’m a nerd here. - you can follow from Mastodon and any ActivityPub enabled instance
Discord: I’m a pretty chill dude here.
Matrix: I make developers angry here. Direct is
X (formerly Twitter): I get in political fights here.
reddit: I don’t even know what to do here.


The Linux Cast

I was a cohost cohost on The linux Cast a podcast where Matt, Tyler, Steve and I hangout and chat Linux. I was only there for a single season.

Tech Over Tea

I’ve made an appearances on Tech Over Tea #168 and #196


I’ve made an Appearance on XeroTalk


I’m also a fairly common guest in DistroTube’s Patron Chats And you’ll find me on various channels on YouTube and other media platforms. Most historically I’m also a mumble room attendee in Linux Unplugged by Jupiter Broadcasting


YouTube Memberships
Amazon Wish List: Buy me Gifts here. I really need that bookshelf.
Librepay: Or Just Send me money.

I do not accept any cryptocurrencies at this time

I do not take sponsors unless they agree to my sponsorship policy

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