100 Days of Homelab Day 1

Joshua Lee
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Audio Samples

Joshua Lee
So I’ve been working on some audio stuff Here’s some audio smaples for my current setup. Linux Mint 20.3 PulseAudio Cinnamon Desktop Audio Technica AT2020 Alesis Multimix 4USBFX (I honestly hate this thing but it was cheap enough xlr at the time) nevoyu-sample.tar.gz Thats literally as raw a recording that a recording can be, I included the audacity project file too for proofs. but this mixer has no effects and the tuning is flat on the 12kHz and 80Hz and it feeds into the PC via the mixer’s usb port.

The Meaning of Life and Everything Is 42

Joshua Lee
This is a repost, from something I wrote last year. “There may be some offensive language in this article” ~Joshua Lee, Editor/Writer And for the love of all that could potentially be holy. Don’t forget your towel! Let me show you something…. Yes, that is my hand, radio, and safety glasses. Their all a little dirty, same with this table in the lunch room where I took this photo on my cheapo smartphone.