The Meaning of Life and Everything Is 42

This is a repost, from something I wrote last year.

“There may be some offensive language in this article” ~Joshua Lee, Editor/Writer

And for the love of all that could potentially be holy. Don’t forget your towel!

Let me show you something….

Yes, that is my hand, radio, and safety glasses. Their all a little dirty, same with this table in the lunch room where I took this photo on my cheapo smartphone. They’re all a little beat up, but nothing that you see in this photo has ever failed me. Much like this boot here.

You can see where the leather has split and cracked along side the amount of dust I work around. I’ve had these boots for almost three years now and nothing is wrong with them otherwise. Why am I talking about this? Well I want to write this as an open letter to my generation. Yes, the so called “Millennial” You are my friend, my lover, my enemy. But, above all else you are alive. You are here on this day. Depression is a serious thing. It causes people of our generation to effectively give up on life. They turn to drugs, crime, the credit system, and ultimately suicide. Stop it. Stop feeling worthless and talent-less. Stop saying you’ll forever be stuck in poverty. You can make a change in your life.

So why not do something about it?

As an 20 something year old American I was told one thing, repeatedly.

“You can be whatever you want to be.”

Unfortunately, that same message also said something to the effect of “Follow your passion.” Well today I’d like to propose a new message.

“Take pride, in all that you are and do.”

I’m what I like to call a “passionate asshole” I’ll be in your face, and tell you bluntly. What my opinion of you is. I step in to an argument, or even start one, just so I can share my opinion. I will destroy you, if you need me to do so, or if I feel like I need to. But what do i mean by what I said? Well lets break it down into three sections.


“Pride is an inwardly directed emotion that carries two antithetical meanings.” -wikipedia.

This is your mind, this is your Inspiration


Self is you, what you are, everything you’ve done, are doing, or about to do. What you look like, how you act, how you smell.

This is your body, this is your Foundation.


Work is what you’ve done, or are doing.

This is your bread and water, this is Identity.


I took three words, and changed them with three words. Take the time read my quote. Then read everything after. Kinda sounds like some crappy religion right?

What if I told you this is the evolution of my faith?

I’m not really a religious person, but I’ve read holy scriptures such as The Bible, Quaran, and the like. They all say the same thing when you look past the religion stuff. Be good, and you’ll succeed. Go to heaven, find seventy-two virgins, reach enlightenment, reincarnate, ect.

By taking pride in what you are, you accept your faults. By taking pride in what you do, you accept the challenge of self improvement. After all, there is always room for improvement. Have  you ever tried to draw a picture and it not quite come out the way you want it? That is what I call Passion. You are passionate that you could’ve done better, and when you try again. You do in fact do better, then that Passion turns itself into Pride. Pride is a drug, and boy it can be addictive. When you learn to take pride in what you are, and what you do. You learn to be that cocky asshole that walks around and owns the place.

What if you work that dead end shit job?

Fucking take pride in it! You obviously haven’t been fired yet. That alone could be something worth taking pride in. Make a sale that a customer is happy with? Take pride. Make a sale the customer comes back wants a refund, swallow that pride and give them that refund and be proud you did that. Work in the factory doing the same thing over, and over, and over again? Find a way to do it as efficiently as possible and TAKE PRIDE IN IT.

See what I’m saying yet?

Let’s talk about the path to the American Dream

This is what I imagine the American Dream to be:

You OWN the car you drive. You OWN the roof over your head. You OWN the grass you walk on. You have the capability to tell your boss to TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT if you so choose to do so. And that NO BANK or CREDITOR can take it all away.

Pretty lofty eh? What if I told you it’s possible. And there’s a proven seven step plan to accomplish it.

There’s this guy called Dave Ramsey, and while I don’t agree 100% with everything he says. I do love his baby Steps.

Let me break them down for you.

Step 0: Get Current on all your bills, write out a written budget for all your monthly expenses. Cancel all your credit cards, and stop borrowing money. Step 1: Save a $1,000 fund that you have access to. This is an emergency fund, not an investment. Step 2: List all your debts smallest to largest excluding your home mortgage. Pay them off using the Debt Snowball method. Become debt free. Step 3: Increase that emergency fund to cover up to six months worth of expenses. Step 4: Start saving 15% of your income for retirement. Step 5: Start saving for college, either for yourself, or your children. Or even both. Step 6: Once you start saving for retirement, and education. Start the snowball method on your house. Step 7: You are now living the American Dream as I described it.


Now what are you gonna do with all that money? Why not give it back to the community? Donate to charities, start fundraisers, buy girl scout cookies, whatever it is you want to do. The majority of millionaires actually say that giving away their money has been the funnest thing they’ve ever done.

Now this is the single most proven method that I’ve found to get to the American Dream. It doesn’t require luck, but determination, skill, and pride. This plan is the doorstep to freedom and I’m an active participant. Would you join me on my journey? My journey that forces me to take pride in everything? My pride that propels me towards a dream?

42 is an asterisk, it’s the unknown and the assumed. Break the chain and walk with me through the doors of freedom.