How I Play D&D Using Linux Native Tools

Joshua Lee
Why Linux? I use Linux as my primary operating system purely as personal preference. If you’ve looked at my previous post you’ll know I prefer to use Tiling Window Managers these days and honestly using Windows 10 or even MacOS just feels…. wrong to me. So allow me a momnent before I dig into these tools I need to make the disclaimer that they aren’t all open source or even free.

Setting Up Nfs on Linux

Joshua Lee
I feel my neckbeard growing in here. So there is a video guide I made a few months back. Required Packages Debian/Ubuntu: Server Only apt install nfs-kernel-server Client Only apt install nfs-common CentOS/Redhat/Fedora (should come preinstalled) dnf install nfs-utils Setting up the file share There’s a few things that need done here. First things first we need to pick a directory, or make one.