The Linux Cast

Joshua Lee
I Joined The Linux Cast I’m proud to annoucne that I’ve been invited to be a host on The Linux Cast with Matt, Tyler, and Another guy I only being named DarkXero. The community there might know me as the “Gentoo Guy” but in truth I think of myself as a distro maintainers worst nightmare. The end user who’s willing to tinker. What’s Going to Happen We’ll see how chaotic the show comes to be however as it’s doubling the number of hosts.

Distrohacking: Is NixOS The Future?

Joshua Lee
Video Shownotes NixOS is a distro after my own heart, we cover the instalation and how cool I think it is, and yet somehow I got convinced by a guest known as Dem to try slackware, while I also goof around with Emacs a bit. You’ll find while the episode is long, we almost always have a good time. Links: NixOS Slackware GNU Emacs Subscribe Audio YouTube Social Media Blog