How I Play D&D Using Linux Native Tools

Joshua Lee
Why Linux? I use Linux as my primary operating system purely as personal preference. If you’ve looked at my previous post you’ll know I prefer to use Tiling Window Managers these days and honestly using Windows 10 or even MacOS just feels…. wrong to me. So allow me a momnent before I dig into these tools I need to make the disclaimer that they aren’t all open source or even free.

Jabeddo: My Greatest D&D Character

Joshua Lee
Preface: Jabeddo is by far my most developped D&D character, born in 3.5 with his story ending in 5e. Jabeddo was literally the third character I’ve ever made in a tabletop RPG game. I’m renaming locations to match my campaign setting Tor’Dath as Jabeddo is so well developed I think his story should be cannon. Character Creation The DM prior to character creation had us all roll dice to determine who was in jail, and who was not.

Legend of the Black Swords

Joshua Lee
Interesting how things turn out right? Well in case you’re curious, I’ve been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and my d&d games are streamed live on twitch every Saturday from 7pm to 11pm EST.