12-25-2022 Planar Ally Update

Joshua Lee
I update Planar Ally to verison 2022.3, you can read the release notes over here Kruptein definately put a lot of fantastic work into this release. I did notice a couple of issues of which i did file bug reports for. Reference #1143 and #1144. As always please if you have an issue please reference the PlanarAlly issue list or check out the PlanarAlly discord, we’re a small community still.

We're Now Open to Community Posts

Joshua Lee
We’re Open! Yep thats right we’re now open. Basically, I decided we’re open to community posts only just late last night. i got it listed out in the file ion the git repository but there are a few rules. Rules We are NERDS not politicians. I’ll welcome a healthy debate, but lets not bring debates to a toxic level. Your post is subject to moderation. If your post brings a lot of controversy it will be deleted.

New Site

Joshua Lee
Welcome to the new! I never really liked the old page, it was kind’ve a hacked solution I copy pasted off a random free html site. Anyways this new website is just as fast to load as the old one as it’s really just plain text with an image or two on it. There’s no garage here, no ads, no trackers, no adsense, or anything. Have fun :) Anyways you’ll find the same old links above.